Green Dragon of Prosperity


Purpose of Ritual: To invoke dragon power and bring prosperity

Items Required:      Green candle, craft knife, prosperity oil, a representation of

a green dragon (such as a figurine, a postcard a book  cover, or this picture)

Suggested Lunar Phase: Full Moon

Take the green candle and inscribe the word ‘dragon’ on to it.  Now dress it with prosperity oil.  Place the representation of the green dragon before the candle and light the wick.  Say the following chant five times.

 The green dragon comes over the land,

He takes away debt and puts cash in my hand.

The green dragon comes over the sea,

He brings prosperity and abundance to me.

The green dragon comes out of the sky,

He provides all I need for my family and I.

Allow the candle to burn away and acknowledge the realm of the dragon in some way, such as by watching the film ‘Dragonheart’.


Prosperity Oil:

25ml sweet almond oil then add –

7 drops Patchouly

5 drops Cedarwood

4 drops Vervivert

2 drops Ginger


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