House Cleansing

I do this ritual in my home once a month and particularly on the Sabbats.  Firstly clean your home then holding a candle, move clockwise around your home.  I use a candle in a glass so as not to spill wax.

House Cleansing

 Start at front door holding lit candle say –

“By the One Power

I hereby consecrate this space To the Goddess and the God

According to free will and for the good of all

I hereby release, in all time and all space

Any negative cause, effect, manifestation, form or essence

Any negative event, thought, energy, idea or vibration

And transform it to – and replace it with

Only positive, joyous good

In keeping with the Goddess and the God

This space is divinely protected  – this space is perfectly safe

Nothing and no one can enter this space

Unless I (or my loved ones) allow them to

This space is sacred, consecrated and dedicated to positive living for myself and my loved ones

And for the work of Positive Magik

No harm can come to this space, or anyone in it.”

With candle walk clockwise through house – at each door and window move candle across and draw pentagram with finger in the air over each door and window-

And say –

“Only good can enter here

No negatives can enter

All harm is sealed out”

When back at the front door  – conclude with

 Love lives here – Health lives here

(Your name and loved ones)  live (and work) here

I/We claim this space for myself/ourselves for the mutual good

 So Mote It Be!

 Put out candle. You will feel a difference in the energy of your home.



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