Tobiah Tiger Cat and the Echidna

For those of you who don’t know I have another blog which I posted this on but I thought I would share it here.

On New Years Eve I noticed our cats sitting staring intently at something in the back garden.  On investigating I discovered them watching as an echidna wandered around the garden.  For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere it would be like a Hedgehog.   Well what a lovely message from Spirit that was.  It is a reminder to not be insulated and to remember to tap into your inner child.


Also a couple of months ago we discovered a baby Raven had tried to fly from the nest and was obviously too young.   While his mother watched him from the trees over the next two weeks he walked between our place and our neighbours squawking.  I threw bread out for him occassionally and his mother would come and put it in the birdbath to soak then take it in her mouth and go and feed him.   Our neighbour has a normal sized cat and whenever it went near the Raven the mother would swoop down on it.  Our cats (Maine Coons) just followed it around and watched it and the mother was not bothered by them.   Two weeks later it finally flew and re-joined it’s mother.

For me I think this is the wonder of nature and how animals know when another is in trouble, at least ours do.



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