Dragon Prosperity Ritual

I love Dragons, they have always been a part of my life, so I thought today I would share a Prosperity candle Ritual with you.

Prosperity Dragon

Dragon Prosperity Ritual

 Dragons are famous for their ability to search out and find treasure and wealth.

Be Warned: Dragons do not like those who are greedy for more than they deserve, nor are they willing to help those who will not help themselves by doing their fare share of the work.

Things you need:

A focus for your dragon companion to work through (a statue or a picture)

Cinnamon incense

Orange oil or extract (look in spice section of supermarket)

Rice (uncooked)

3 candles: 1 purple, 1 black, 1 green

Something to engrave candles (large needle or toothpick)

1 small green bag

Sit down at a table, invite your dragon, light the incense and say:

Great dragon, I come before you to ask a boon of magik.

But I do not come empty handed as a beggar in the night.

I give this incense as a gift of honour and appreciation for your generosity and your assistance.


Carve the candles with the following runes, concentrating on the power of each rune as you do so:

Purple Candle:

Hagall – to promote financial security  Hagall

Jera    – to bring tangible results for your efforts  Jera

Sigel – to bring success and victory  Sigel


Black Candle:

Thurisaz – to neutralize any opposition (internal or external) to achieving your monetary goals Thurisaz

Nied    – to help overcome any distress you may have which could impede your financial prosperity Nied

Ehwaz – to bring beneficial change swiftly  Ehwaz

Green candle:

Annoint the candles with the potion and chant three times:

Dragons of power, Dragons of Light

Dragons of wisdom, Dragons of Might

Lend me your magik; lend me your aid,

Lend me your guidance as this spell is made



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