Hex and The City: Ideas for the Urban Witch

Moody Moons

Practicing a nature-based religion poses unique challenges in a city environment, where space is limited and nature is . . . well, hard to come by.

ten tips for the city witch

1.  Window boxes.  A simple window can make a great herb garden in city apartments where even a patch of lawn can be pricey.  Almost any herb can be grown in a window box, but rosemary, mint, thyme and catnip are all easy options.

2.  Wall altars.  There’s no reason you need an enormous altar.  A small shelf can be mounted to even the tiniest wall space.  Be selective, and choose only your most important pieces.  If you are concerned about prying eyes, you can even mount in inside a closet door.  Just swing it open when it’s in use!

3.   Take advantage of what the city DOES have to offer.  Scan local event pages for pagan festivals, gatherings and shops, which…

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