Animal Protection Spells

Everyday Wiccan Ways

I know many of us love our animals. I do. My cats mean the world to me. They are my children in a sense. Keeping our familiars safe is a huge deal. So here are 3 different types of spells you can use to help protect your beloved animals!


Animal Candle Protection Spell

Find or make a candle shaped or carved to look like your animal, then carve the animal’s name and identifying information on the candle. Add protective runes or other symbols and anoint with Protection Oil. You may either burn the candle or maintain it permanently as an ongoing protection spell.

Animal Image Protection Spell

Paint protective runes, hieroglyphs or other symbols on a picture of your pet. Anoint with protection oil and keep in a safe, discreet spot.

Protect Domestic Animals from Harm

Build your barn near birch trees or plant birch trees near it.
Adorn birch…

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