Power of the Witches’ Journal

I like this post. I also keep journals. I never go anywhere without a notebook as something always inspires me and I have to write it down straight away or it’s gone.

Spinning Webbs

J is for Journal.

I love keeping a journal.

In fact I love keeping several journals.

I have a shoulder bag in which I keep all my various journals together!

Keeping a Tarot journal has been my most important step in my study of the cards.

Before I began making my own personal, daily connection with the Tarot, I made the mistake all Tarot novices make, trying to memorize every meaning for every card, in every possible scenario.

This does not work, it is an impossible feat of memory.

Drawing a card, or cards, each morning, noticing the synchronicity throughout the day, then sitting down to write your experiences and insights each evening, is the way you learn the Tarot.

Sometimes, I will come up blank, this is where meditation comes in.

But it is afterwards, when you coalesce the insight gained, into a journal entry, that you start to get a real grasp…

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