How To Make A Gratitude Jar – reblogged from the Lunar Apothecary

How and Why to Make A Gratitude Jar

reblogged from The Lunar Apothecary

Gratitude jar on prosperity & abundance alter.

I want to start this by saying that you can use absolutely anything you want to count your blessings every day. There is no right or wrong way. If it feels right to you, then that is what you should do. I only offer my experiences and I encourage my readers to do their own thing in all situations. Always.

I got the idea for this from my mentor, Kimi. She made a video about hers, , she got the idea from Pinterest. This is something that can be useful for all faiths. Pagans can make a spell jar, Abrahamic faiths can make a prayer jar, anybody can use this. It is something that can be tailored to your specific path. The goal and results are the same.

Count your blessings, instead of your troubles. You attract more blessings by acknowledging the ones you already have, no matter how small they may seem.

If you don’t want to go all out, you can use a journal. Just write in it every day, every thing that happened that you are grateful for. You found a penny on the ground, be grateful. A feather, a pretty rock, be grateful. Acknowledge the abundance being poured out to you, the results are quite amazing.

I started mine after my husband got laid off from his job. I have my Etsy shop, but his income is what pays our bills. He gets laid off and things can go south, fast. One of the many reasons I love my path,  when things like this happen, I know I can do something about it. I don’t have to sit by and be an observer of my own life.

I rely heavily on The Law of Attraction for everything I do. “What you think about you bring about” is my motto for the year. This is something I am still working on and learning. It isn’t easy to change your thoughts. You have to be very conscious and mindful,  in the hustle and bustle of every day life, monitoring every single thought is just down right overwhelming. I have found that showing gratitude, is a huge step towards living the Law of Attraction.

So, my husband got laid off. In his profession this is a normal occurrence. He is a welder. He contracts himself out to the highest paying job. They are never permanent. He may work for 10 different companies in a year. This lay off however, was unexpected. It was supposed to have been a 2 year job. I was standing at my dresser when I heard the front door open, it wasn’t time for him to be home, my heart dropped as he walked through the door. “They laid us off.” I was devastated.

Another important lesson I have learned, is to honor all feelings and emotions. Pushing them away or pretending that they don’t exist is a slippery slope. I’m not saying unpack and live in your despair, but honor it. If it makes you sad or scared, then be sad or scared. Work through the emotions and let them go.

In my devastation, I cried. I prayed, I made offerings to the Goddess, I spent time under the moon. I owned what I was feeling. Then, as I so often do when I’m feeling lost, I turned to the inspiration of YouTube. There are so many wonderful spiritual thinkers there, I knew I would find something to help me during this difficult time. I had no idea what I would find.

I usually go to Kimi’s channel first. She was my mentor so the things she posted resonated with me. This time was no different. I clicked on her channel and that video was in my suggested que.

I had just been at the local Dollar General and had seen they had  pretty colored jars, some were green. I watched her video and went about making my plans.

The items I placed inside didn’t require very much research on my part. I have been collecting and using prosperity and abundance herbs, crystals, and essential oils since I started my practice. Inside my jar is a crumbled cinnamon spell star(I’ll share the recipe for those in another blog) and a large cinnamon stick. Cinnamon is my go to herb for manifestation and it smells amazing. It is also powerful for protection. Mugwort, I have large jar of it and I use it frequently, it is for fertility, protection and psychic powers, among other things, but those are the intentions I used it for in this instance. Basil for wealth and protection. My daughter got my birthstone(garnet) ring out of a gumball machine and gave it to me, so it went in the jar. A green aventurine tumble, a rutilated quartz Kimi had used in a prosperity & abundance fire that she gifted me. Amethyst for it’s connection to the divine. A penny and a six pence. My favorite, glitter. Sparkly glitter means prosperity to me.

My mother in law gifted me a beautiful glass top humming bird table. It is small and fit perfectly in a small corner in the center of our home. On it next to the jar I placed a Citrine cluster, an ammonite fossil, a star shaped, and green candle. I light the candles every time I sit in front of the alter to meditate and write down my gratitude. I placed a handmade piece of pottery to hold my slips of paper and a pen. When I sit down to do my gratitude, everything I need is there. That is important. Once you call in Sacred Space, you don’t want to be running around looking for a pen and paper. You need to be grounded and centered anytime you are connecting with the divine. I have done my gratitude at the end of a stressful day and it is much harder to see all the small things I need to acknowledge if my mind is still running around.

An alter isn’t required. It is what resonated with me. You can place your jar anywhere you can go for quiet time. You also don’t have to put a thing inside of it if that doesn’t speak to you. This is a very personal ritual. However you decide to put yours together is 100% up to you. Every day I make time to clear my mind and sit in front of it. I write down all my blessings and put them in the jar with the herbs, crystals, and trinkets.

When it gets full, I build a bonfire. I usually post on my FB page and ask that anyone that would like their name added to my Sacred fire leave a comment. There are always so many names, I love doing it. I’ve gotten some awesome emails from people that had abundance dropped in their lap after. That makes me SO happy!

I pull out each slip of paper, I will interject here, I wish I had used a jar with a wider mouth. It takes forever to get those slips out of that small opening. I read each one out loud and burn it. Sending my gratitude soaring into the universe at the speed of fire!

Three days after I started my jar and put together my alter, my husband got a job. He walked in and said, “what did you do?” I always grin when he asks me this question(he asks it a lot). I flippantly said, “the gratitude jar, you need to add to it now and say ‘thank you’.” It only took three days of acknowledging all my blessings and he was right back at work. My Etsy shop that had been dead, started selling again.

When Mercury went retrograde I had a big shift, that caused some major, hardcore releasing. It made me physically ill. My jar and alter were neglected. My husband got fired from the job for a rookie safety violation. He is back at work now, finally. Things have been harder than they have to be. I fully believe it is because I stopped being grateful. I started complaining every day about how bad I felt, how much I wished Mercury Retro would be over, blah blah, complain, whine. It got sent back to me.

Now that I am coming out of the sticky, mucky, sick, releasing. I am being drawn to it again. I’ve promised to write about it for a month. Today when I woke up, my guides let me know it was time. After I hit “publish” on this, I am going to spend some time in front of my alter. I have so much to be grateful for, I may fill it in one sitting.

If you read this and it calls to you, I would love to see pics and know about all the blessings being poured out to you!

Bright blessings,


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