Save – Witches of The Craft

I am reposting this because it’s a fantastic website, filled with a wonderful array of magikal knowledge.

I Hate to Rain On Your Parade But It is Important

I hope everyone is having a super Labor Day. I am going to do some work around the house today. I hate to be the one to rain on your parade, but it is necessary. Everyone knows we are in a financial crises right now. The ISP provider did extend our bill till tomorrow. We now almost have two more to raise the money needed to pay the bill. I guarantee you if we make it through this month, I will never ask you for another dime.

As I stated earlier no amount is too small. All donations are welcome and will be put to go use. You got up this morning and there wasn’t any daily posts, no Witches’ Almanac, no correspondences, no Let’s talk Witch. Stop and think would you miss them permanently? You miss the other information we supply daily? Heck would you miss us? I know I would miss all of you. I love doing what I do every day. But right now circumstances are out of my control.

If you wish for us to continue our work and our daily posts, we ask you to please make a donation. Time is running out very quickly. I appreciate every penny, nickel and dime we get. It all adds up eventually. Please give what you can. We need you now more than ever.

Thank you so much for any amount you can give,

Lady A


2 thoughts on “Save – Witches of The Craft

  1. ladyoftheabyss says:

    Thank you so much, dear sister. I cannot begin to ever thank you enough for this, hun. It is wonderful to know that we have friends that support us. And come to our aid when need, thank you again.
    Goddess Bless,
    Lady A


  2. […] Good Tuesday morning! I hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day. Man, where, oh where did Summer go? It flew by, for sure. I am trying to remember if I actually got to enjoy any of it. Hmm, still thinking! I know I did try to start to do some Fall cleaning around. I know “Fall cleaning?” As many critters as I have in the house, I have to clean quite a bit. Razzy has shed so much I just need to follow her around with the vacuum.  But in the middle of getting my floor nice, wet and full of cleaning solution the damn thing tore up. Thankfully it has a lifetime warranty on it, now I get to find out how good that warranty actually is.I want to think everyone who has donated to keep us on the internet. We are not out of the woods yet but things are looking up. We still have a little bit to go and then we are home free. In the fourteen years I have been on the internet, I have fought many battles. These battles have came from every place and every direction you can imagine. In every battle and fight, we stood alone until now. We have had two wonderful sites step up and spread the word about our financial difficulties right now. I was shocked, surprised and then overwhelmed by emotion. At this time I would like to publicly acknowledge these sites and thank them for their support.Ch’kara’s Grimoire  […]


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