Energize With Mint

Mystical Magical Herbs


Peppermint is gaining in popularity as a weight loss herb and for its ability to curb cravings for sugar. When the herb reaches the small intestine it sends ‘I’m full’ messages to the brain by stimulating the release of cholecystokinin, a hormone that causes muscles in the gall bladder and colon to tighten. Also, the fresh, minty flavor leaves your mouth feeling clean, which makes you less likely to snack on sugary or high calorie foods.

The scent of mint recharges the mind and body. Basketball players who sniffed the herb ten minutes before playing, reported increased energy, motivation, and alertness. The scent of mint stimulates the RAS, that’s the region of the brain which governs alertness.

Add one cup of dried mint, and one cup of lavender buds to a glass jar, cover, and shake well to mix the herbs. For a quick energy boost, shake the jar, open and breathe…

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