Prosperity Oil

Mystical Magical Herbs


This is a magick oil, an oil you can make from simple ingredients you have on hand. Make this oil on the night of the first full moon. Before you begin to assemble the ingredients, wash your hands in a basin or sink full of warm water and sea salt. Salt removes negative vibes from your hands and your surroundings. Rinse and dry your hands and then begin. If you wish, you can burn a white candle as you make the oil. Play some soothing music, and as you begin, speak your intentions to the universe. Speak abundance, more than enough, think about every area in your life that needs an increase or blessings.

You’ll need a glass jar with a lid, some light olive oil, fresh mint leaves, a one dollar bill, and 4 sprigs of rosemary. If you have a tiny quartz crystal, you can add this to the jar as well. If…

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