Faerie Beings – Bunyip

Today I have a faerie being for you from Australia.  The Bunyip



Land of origin: Australia

Other origins: Possibly Central Africa

Other names: None known

Element: Water

Appearance and Temperament: Bunyips live in the swamps and marshes of Australia and looked like plump humans, only smaller. They stand about four feet high and are very dirty, covered with the mud and slime of the swamps. Their feet face backward, but these are hard to see as Bunyips rarely leave the shallow waters.

Time Most Active: At dusk to dawn, and that night.

Lore: Bunyips are aboriginal in origin, and the natives used to claim that these faeries could not be seen by white people. Bunyips are shy and rarely seen in any case, though they are often heard. They bark like dogs and are able to warn nearby humans of impending dangers. They can also lead fishermen to catches and chase away any threatening poisonous reptiles.

Bunyips first came into general notice in 1847 when a Sydney newspaperman began a series of articles on the beliefs of the aborigines. Since that time white Australians have considered the Bunyip to be no more than some type of swamp-dwelling wombat, another native Australian animal.

The aborigines still see, hear, and work with these native faeries on a regular basis.

Where to Find Them: In the swamps, bogs, and marshes of Australia, particularly in the southeastern region where belief in them is still strong among the native population.

How to Contact: Call out to them and announce that you have come as a friend who wishes nothing more than mutual goodwill. Listen for them rather than looking.

Magikal and Ritual Help: They can help you catch fish and can help protect the area where you are fishing. They can also warn you against intruders when you are working, camping, or travelling in marshy areas. Ask them to lend their energies to rituals designed to protect endangered wetlands.


Source: A Witch’s Guide to Faery Folk by Edain McCoy



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