Friday the Thirteenth – Again. So Good Luck spells all around – again!

Kitchen Witchcraft

Hello, Readers, and good luck to You!

luckyFunny thing – last time I wrote about Friday the 13th, it resulted in a record number of visits to Kitchen Witchcraft from all around the world.
I guess we all feel we need a little help and a little good luck on such supernaturally charged day. So, this year I’ve gathered quite a few spells for You all – something ceremonial and something informal, something symbolical and something practical, something for the altar and something for the stove. A bunch of luck and prosperity spells for the day that is known to be jinxed and bad for business.

As you will no doubt notice, most of these recipes call for similar ingredients: there are many variations, but cinnamon and nutmeg will be in there somewhere. I guess they are exceptionally lucky. The colour green is often present in these spells as well, symbolising…

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