From the Herb Basket – 22

Mystical Magical Herbs


Milk thistle tea can help prevent post nasal drip. Sipping a cup or two daily reduces post nasal drip, runny nose and other pollen-triggered miseries. Milk thistle’s active ingredient [ silymarin] encourages the liver to flush out symptom-lingering immune proteins. Check your local health store for Alvita Milk Thistle tea bags, or go to

Stress and trouble sleeping seem to go together these days. Check out Badger Night- Night Balm [ $10 for 2 ounces at] This sweetly scented ointment contains chamomile, lavender, sandalwood and spearmint. One or two whiffs from the tube and a refreshing sleep usually follows.

The word basil comes from the Greek, meaning “King.”

Hyssop has been used since ancient times to purify temples and sacred places. Hyssop is packed with antimicrobial oil that kills germs, prevents infections and heals minor wounds. To help cure a cold or sore throat, sip 2 to 3…

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