Faerie Beings – Bean Tighe

Today’s Faerie Being is Bean Tighe (house faerie).

Bean Tighe


BEAN TIGHE (‘Woman of the House’) is an Irish HOUSE FAERIE who looks like a kindly faced old woman. Although these faeries are rarely seen, they perform household tasks for their adopted human families in return for a small reward, such as a bowl of cream.

One of them looks after the enchanted underwater castle that is the home of the Earl and Desmond, AINE’S son. She appears on Knock Adoon on a formation called the ‘Housekeepers Little Seat’ (Suideachan), which juts out into the Lough. She fell asleep there one day and the BUACHAILLEEN appeared and stole her golden comb.   When she woke, she realised what had happened and cursed all of the Little Herd Boys cattle. They all died, followed soon after by the boy himself, but not before he cast the comb into the Lough, where it still lies.

Source: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Fairies by Anna Franklin

 Bean Tighe1


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