Third Quarter Magick

Stitch Witch Magick

Third quarter is sometimes viewed as the clairaudient’s time of greatest power. If you are the type of person that hears the spirits calling to them, now would be the perfect time to really go in depth. Open up your ears and listen well. However, don’t foget to open up your heart as well. You may hear the spirits voices, but if your heart is closed, you won’t be listening to them with the best of your abilities. Remember, loves – hearing and listening are two very different things. Meditation of any kind can bring you to a receptive state of mind. Stare at a flickering candle, color repetitive patterns, fold pieces of paper over and over again. Anything that helps you be in the moment and leave everything else waiting in the wings will work wonders.

Now is also the perfect time to remove any obstacles from your world…

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One thought on “Third Quarter Magick

  1. lalouziane says:

    Ch’kara, very interesting. I did not know that.


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