Stone Of Protection…Black Tourmaline

I always carry black tourmaline with me. Many years ago I worked for a very negative woman. I started carrying a black tourmaline with me and her attitude towards me changed to positive. A great crystal to have.

Soulsational Gatherings


Black Tourmaline is a  powerful protective stone .It is known for  repelling  and blocking negative energies and psychic attack.  Black Tourmaline also aids in the removal of negative energies within a person or a space.  Black Tourmaline will cleanse, purify, and transform dense energy into a lighter vibration.

Black Tourmaline is also great for grounding.  It balances, harmonizes, and protects all of the Chakras. It can also be used to protect against electromagnetic waves  that are emitted from electronic devices such as cell phones and computers.

Black Tourmaline has a calming effect.

Love and  Light!


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