About Me

Well about me, I live in the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria Australia with my gorgeous partner and two beautiful Maine Coon cats.  We have a wonderful life away from the rat race of the city, we live at the edge of a forest where deer roam and at night come into our property to eat the new leaves on bushes.  We grow our own vegetables and are trying to be as sustainable as possible.

I love to write fantasy and sci-fi and I create medieval clothes and dabble in art.

In my twenties I lived in the UK and worked in advertising and the film industry, after ten years there I went to the US for a year then returned to Australia and worked in advertising until my gorgeous husband encouraged me to give it up to write.

I have just been thinking of my childhood and realised that I haven’t really talked much about it and have a tendency to not do so.  I realise this is in a way holding me back because there is nothing to be ashamed of.  I had an abusive childhood and quite lonely, but I was reminded of the time we lived in a property owned by a local farmer.  It was a big old 100 year old house surrounded by a paddock where the farmer kept his cows in that were about to give birth.

I remember spending many hours in that paddock talking to the cows and sharing my secret horrors and getting comfort from them as they gently stood there listening.  I remember watching them give birth (which actually cows hate, it distresses them if they think someone is too close) and then wonderfully the cows would let me be near their calves as soon as they could stand.

I have a gift of sight (being able to see Spirit) and as a child was persecuted for it and so I kept it a secret until I was an adult.  Often people would tell me I was weird because I apparently had told them something that I supposedly could not have known.  I now accept who I am and what I see as a naturally thing and a wonderful gift given to me.

I would encourage everyone to be who they are and if they’re a little eccentric, or a lot, then joy to you.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Ch’kara,
    I’ve just realized that you live in Australia too in the beautiful Dandenong Rangers. Sry because I thought that you lived in the U.S. before from WOTC. I’m glad that I read this just now.
    I live in lovely rural coastal South Australia with my partner too and our “furry child” a golden English Cocker Spaniel.
    Like you I saw my first ghost/spirit when I was only 10 years old.
    When it’s a better time than ATM, methinks that we could have a bit to chat about.😃
    Blessings to you,
    CazWytch ⭐️🌙⭐️


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